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What is a Radiology Tech?

Radiologic Technologists, also referred to as Radiographers, Rad Techs, X-Ray Techs or MRI Technicians, perform x-rays and other diagnostic imaging examinations on patients that produce 3D images of tissue, organs, bones, and joints by using different types of diagnostic equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or CT scanners. Depending on their training, radiologic technologists may choose to specialize in a specific field such as x-ray, mammography, or computed tomography (CT) imaging.

Radiologic technologists that specialize in magnetic resonance imaging scanners inject patients with contrast media, such as a dye, or they provide a mixture for the patient to drink so that the images will show up on the scanner. The scanners use magnetic fields in combination with the contrast agent to produce images that a doctor can use to assess and diagnose medical problems. A radiologic technologist is typically supervised by a radiologist and supports the doctor and other members of the healthcare team by performing these diagnostic imaging procedures.

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Radiology is an increasingly popular career option in healthcare. Find out more about the job description of an Radiologic Technologist, read about salary information and job growth figures and determine if diagnostic medical radiology is the career for you.

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